Baptiste Gelin

Student Computer Science Engineer



Master of Science : Computer Science Student


I introduce myself, I'm an engineering student and I'm pretending to become an engineer specialized in computer science and informations systems.

Currently, I take a year off between my 3rd and my 4th year in my Engineer school ESIEE PARIS ('Ecole superieur en électronique et en électrotechnique').

Very curious and passionate, I still am very interested when I have a project.

I'm a quick learner and a good listener. I think the best way to progress in a project is to cross some difficulties, and I have the important skill to never renounce on a task due to a great communication with teams.


Summarize of my skills

JAVA Language

J2EE Development

Android Platform Development

C# Language .NET Framework

C Language

Python Language




Analogic electronic

Digital electronic




Office suite


Studies presentation

D'Arsonval High School

Bachelor Certificate in engineering & Science
 - Graduated: 2012

I pursuit my scientific studies in a specialized course in engineering science where I can learn the main subjects of the computer science, the mecanic, automatic and industrial robotic (Conception of a lines follower robot).

Engineering School ESIEE PARIS

Master of sciences and informations systems studies - Graduated: 2017

After two years of integrated preparation in engineering school where I learned the main matters, I decided to take the opportunity to learn computer science and the matters in the information systems. In my 3rd yeard, I make the choice to orient my career in management and technical profile. I take 70% of technicals stuffs and 30% of management and human sciences matters.


A short review of the work experiences I have done

Airbus Defense and Space - SODERN

Technical Assistant / Limeil Brévannes, FRANCE / July 2012

During this internship, I worked on a plastic design model of the International Space Station (ISS), I also used an infrared camera to acquire simulated image of the ISS. The goal was to see the thermal environment, and then simulated the fixation of space modul with the ISS.

ATOS Origin for GDF-SUEZ

Service provider / Saint Ouen, FRANCE / July - October 2013

For three months, I have made the assessment of different Message Oriented Middleware (Data Exchange Server) and protocol JMS (API) and AMQP. I compared the servers with testbenching to see the power and the strong of the technology but I had to compare the maintenance and installation too. The goal of this comparison was to see if opensource MOM could be more powerful than the expensive solution.

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Engineering Work Experience/ Guildford, UNITED KINGDOM / Octobre - Decembre 2014

In this work experience, I second the Sensors and Actuators team and more generaly with the Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) team. I worked on a lot of different stuffs, firstly I analyze datas coming from star trackers to make data trending. Then, I review all the equipment procedure flowcharts as the Sun Sensors procedure flowcharts. I uptaded the internal wiki pages to facilitate the equipment analysis. And finaly, my main task was to develop a software to record and display in real time the unsolicited telemetries coming from Star Trackers. I develop this software with the C# language (.NET Framework).

Thales Group - Thales Optronique SAS

Internship/ Elancourt, FRANCE / May - August 2015

Design of a GUI controling optronics sensors in python language.


If you want to join me ...

Contact Info

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